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A Few Words About NET Hosting LLC

Cutting edge Voice, Data and Cable Solutions for the Multi Dwelling Market.

NET HOSTING LLC is a diversified telecommunications company that operates in several complementary business segments throughout the United States. We began operations as a division of our parent company in 2003 to provide cable television and data services to the college and university marketplace before expanding in 2013 under the Net Hosting brand into business, hospital, prison and condominium markets. Prior to the advent of Net Hosting LLC, principals of the company were founders of Wired School House Systems Inc., and were one of the first companies to provide educational system developers with a much needed alternative to the franchise cable operator. Between 2003 and 2013 Net Hosting has acquired more than 8,000 passes with more than 6,000 subscribers .
Since it’s inception in 2003, the main focus of Net Hosting has been marketing integrated telecommunications management services to institutions such as colleges, universities, hospitals and prisons. Net Hosting designs, installs and maintains complex video and/or telecommunications systems that integrate voice, data and video systems. Net Hosting is uniquely positioned as a result of its expertise and believes significant revenue opportunities exist to offer institutions telephone and cable TV services to their residents.
Net Hosting LLC is now focusing its expertise on the private cable community where it will install and manage systems that satisfy all of the video and data communications needs of apartment communities, condominium complexes and hotels. Video needs include entertainment and foreign language cable television, and internal networks provide video conferencing, security, character generation and video origination. Data needs include the provision of high-speed broadband internet service to tenants within the community.

Net Hosting LLC now offers residential communities turnkey installations that include the cost of pre-wire, post-wire and distribution systems. This significantly helps developers with upfront capital savings. As a true single source provider, Net Hosting LLC has the ability to capitalize infrastructure, deliver multiple services, and provide management and customer service over and above technical installation.
Net Hosting LLC has earned an excellent reputation with institutions for the installation and operation of fiber/coaxial based video and telecommunications systems.
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Why Choose Us

We are one of the leaders in private cable and data business tailoring to your needs. We are geared to specialty properties unlike your local cable company. We can bring you video and data programming that you want. Do you want the freedom to choose special programming from DirecTV or Dish Network? We can do that too and there’s no ugly dish to worry about.

Net Hosting LLC has installed thousands of voice, video and data outlets to some of the most demanding customers in the country.

We have distilled over 50 years of combined engineering, operations, and construction experience to bring you the best in high speed data services. No matter what your need, Net Hosting LLC can provide the solution.


our capabilities

The Net Hosting LLC tailors high speed data service to meet your exact needs with an emphasis on service and proactive operations. Cable modems? Secure hotspots? Dedicated fiber networks? Wireless? Specialty Programming? Let us show you what we can do—and have done for numerous universities, hospitals and apartment communities across the country.

Our high speed Internet service uses state of the art technology and dedicated high speed infrastructure to bring you the best of the Internet at a competitive price. We work with you to upgrade your infrastructure for the Internet of today and tomorrow.